1.8 Noise Control

Most of the following possible lease terms derive from the Pinchot Institute for Conservation’s publication The Marcellus Shale:  Resources for Stakeholders in the Upper Delaware Watershed Region (Dec. 15, 2010).

  • Require use of mufflers on drill rig engines.
  • Require use of quieter electric motors rather than diesel or gas engines.
  • Use engineered sound barriers and sound insulated buildings when well sites are within close proximity of residential or other buildings.
  • Require planting of trees or construction of berms to mitigate noise.
  • Require use of automated well monitoring systems after well completion. This has the additional benefit of reducing vehicle traffic for monitoring purposes.
  • Limit operational hours to prevent excessive noise during night time hours.
  • Prohibit the siting of compressor stations on the leased property or require them to be placed in sound-insulated buildings.
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